Macron slapper gets 4 months jail term

Macron slapper gets 4 months jail term

Frenchman Damien Tarel has been jailed for four months for publicly slapping President Emmanuel Macron of France.

He also received a 14-month suspended sentence.

Tarel has been banned from ever holding public office in France. Furthermore, he is not allowed to own weapons for five years.

There had been rumors on social media that Tarel’s lawyers were planning to use a self defense argument that Macron was violating the COVID-19 protocol by coming too close to him.

But that did not work because Tarel reportedly shouted a far right slogan at Macron prior to unleashing the slap.

Tarel was caught on camera slapping Mr Macron a few days ago, sending shockwaves around the world.




Source: Ashantibiz