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Short history of Effiduase

Effiduase people migrated from Ahinsan (Adansi). They left on the advice of Maame Afi, a fetish priestess. They travelled through Bawuro, Asonomaso and finally to the present location. Here they met Boti and Akaa and killed them to acquire the land. The fetish priestess planted a tree. She then led them to a stream and said it was called Afiefi. They settled in groups and always met under the Afi tree. This became a popular meeting place. Everyone would say, I am going to meet or rest under the Afi tree which locally translates to “Afi Dua Ase”. This place happens to be cited on the road from North of Ghana to South.

This priestess led the chief and people to a local river Afiefi and after several incantations, any enemy that attacked Effiduase was swallowed by the river leaving their guns. The people of Effiduase were first ruled by the chief Frimpon Ampem. He reigned for a very long time and grew old hence the name “Mposo”. After Mposo death, Nana Ameyaw was installed. Nana Odua l succeeded Nana Ameyaw and combined the stools, of Mposo and Ameyaw and created the first black stool hence the name Mposo ne Ameyaw stool.

The people of Effiduase were more experienced in war and led by Nana Baabu. He fought and won several wars for the Asante Kingdom after one such war, the victorious Effiduase chief was bestowed with all regalia befitting an omanhene. Except for the intervention of Mamponhene, Effiduase would have been raised to Omanhene status. In one of such wars, Nana Baabu captured the Mfodwo shrine. The Mfodwo shrine led the Effiduase people in various wars. In one of such wars, especially during the reign of Nana Yaw Omane, they were engaged in a long battle with the Ewes. This battle lasted well over 3 years. Effiduase people lost more men but came back victorious. All these battle were handed over by Otumfour to Manponhene who passed it on to Effiduasehene to fight.

Nana Yaw Omane was involved in what became later the Asafo Adjei war. The cost of this war was the disintegration of the relation between the Effiduase and the Juaben people. The majority of them headed south towards Akim. They were given shelter and settlement in what has become New Juaben state. Asantehene granted amnesty and Nana Yaw Kra led some of the Effiduase people back with some black stools. Three other chiefs followed but were distilled so Nana Kwame Owusu succeeded Nana Yaw Kra then followed Odua Were and finally Adu Ameyaw ll. Effiduase has developed to be the capital of Sekyere East District and trading thrives in Effiduase. The people are mostly Christians with a small community of Muslims. The people are friendly and very hospitable.

Source: Ashantibiz