A/R: Kumasi railway tracks; now a slum area

A/R: Kumasi railway tracks; now a slum area

Railway tracks in the Ashanti Regional capital have now been turned into slum areas.

The creeping phenomenon that could have been stopped at once by the city authorities was blatantly overlooked and now, has become an albatross around their neck.

The current state of the railway tracks across Kumasi suggest that, any government that may attempt to sack these illegal dwellers or demolish their structures would be met with brutal resistance.

A visit by Ashantibiz to Akwatialine, Aboabo, Aboabo Station, Asafo and Sawaba on thursday,  revealed the shortfalls of successive governments over the years. Structures that are more than ten years and have been on the main rail tracks were shown.

Political players over the years have been making political gimmicks of constructing a railway line from Ghana to Burkina Faso.

Where is the route that this political sermon would be laid?

The question then is where are those put in charge to oversee things are done right?

Will any government have the willpower to demolish all those illegal structures?

Source: Ashantibiz

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