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Brief info about Breman in Ksi

The people of Breman Asikuma in the Central Region of Ghana Originated from Asante Breman in the Asanti Region around 1600.The people left Asante Breman in search of a more suitable place to settle. As they sojourned, they reached Tarkwa near Breman where they were met with strong resistance from the people of Tarkwa.

They were, however, able to overcome the people of Tarkwa even though they were fewer in numbers.This won them the appellation “Tarkwa- Breman Akonfona” The leader of the people at that time was Nana Amoakwa Buadu l. They were from the Asona clan. They moved with their god called Akwasi Apofram who was consulted in case of emergency. As the people were searching for a final abode, they were joined by other people of the Asona clan. They then finally settled at Asona Amanfoso which is the present-day Asuokoo near Jamra.

When they settled at Asuokoo they were involved in intermittent wars but we’re able to overcome their enemies. Around 1635 they had a call from the people of Ahwiam to assist them to fight a war (Adomangya) They respond and eventually helped the people of Anhwiam to overcome their enemies at Brofo near Bedum. After the Adomango war Nana Amoakwa Buadu I settled at the current site of Breman Asikuma. They waged another war with the people of Agona with their leader Nana Nyarko Eku l of Agona Nyarkrom. Before that war, their good Akwasi Apofram proposed that even though they would succeed, Nana Amoakwa Buadu l would die on his return after crossing River Okyi on the Breman Kuntanase road.

Courageous as Nana Amoakwa Buadu l was, he accepted the challenge, preceded the war and eventually came out victorious while returning he died as prophesized. They then decide to bury him at “Edwabirim” now called “Roundabout at Breman Asikuma. After the burial, they constructed five (5) paths to enable the people to guard the dead Paramount Chief so that he would not be removed from the grave.

The paths constructed are the major street in Breman Asikuma, namely Apagya, Ekumfi, Akonfodze, Ahenama and Mbraa. Other people from different clans later joined them during this period. When Nana Amoakwa Buadu l died., he was succeeded by Nana Amoakwa Buadu ll. The Breman Traditional Area comprises the following Towns Amanfopon, Kokoso, Fosuansa, Asentem, Jamra, Okyisoa, Benin, Baako, Anhwiam, Eyipe, Kuntanase, Amanda, Nwomaso, Bedum and several villages.The military wings of the Omanhene of Breman Traditional Area are Twafo, Adonten, Benkum, Konti, Nifa and Kingdom.

Source: Ashantibiz