Disorder In Asante

Disorder In Asante


The destoolment  of Nana Osei Bonsu did not bring peace to the Kingdom because his supporters wanted him back on the Golden Stool . Nana Kofi Kakari too wanted to enstooled again. Really, he too was liked by the war party in Kumase . They contended that he had twice fought the British . It was unfortunate that the Kingdom was defeated in 874 .


If the Kingdom had superior rifles , things would have been different. For this reason they wanted a brave King like him and since he was alive they wanted him re-enstooled . The third contestant to the Golden Stool was their nephew , Kwaku Dua, the son of their sister Yaa Akyaa. Kwaku Dua was the person late NanaKwaku Dua I nominated to be his successor , but he was too young to be enstooled when the grand uncle passed away .


As such, he was favoured by most of the people and was therefore enstooled in April 1884. He ruled for only forty days after which he was attacked by smallpox and died from the attack . This was a big blow to the Kingdom. The people decided again to go for Nana Kofi Kakari and have him re- enstooled . He also died of dysentery on arrival.



Source: Ashantibiz


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Again there was disorder in the Kingdom . The Queen mother , Nana Yaa Akyaa , realising that the Kingdom was disintegrating , summoned all the chiefs and appealed to them to remain united and assured them that a new King would be nominated . It was agreed that the nominee should have his nomination approved by the government and his enstoolment witnessed by the Governor . This was agreed by the Queenmother  and upon that she nominated Kwasi Kusi .


Messengers were sent to the Governor inviting him or his representatives to Kumase for the enstoolment . The messengers were in Accra for two years a representative, who was an African , was sent to find out whether a suitable person had been nominated for the post . Unfortunately Kwasi Kusi died before the representative arrived . His death brought two other contestants to the scene.


They were Yaw Atwereboana and Prempeh , the Queenmother,s son . Though Prempeh was a boy of about eighteen years, he had a lot of followers . Civil war therefore broke out . Prempeh,s followers were stronger therefore it was decided in his favour and he at last was enstooled as Asantehene in 1888.