Go to Achimota School: Lawyer for Rastafarian students has advised

Go to Achimota School: Lawyer for Rastafarian students has advised

Lawyer for two Rastafarian students, Tyrone Iras Marhguy and Oheneba Kwaku Nkrabea has advised them to join their classmates at Achimota School Tuesday, June 1.

This follows the ruling by an Accra High Court on Monday, May 31, that Achimota School should admit the two Rastafarian students it denied enrollment due to their hairstyle.

Achimota School in March this year issued admission letters to two students; Tyron Iras Marhguy and Oheneba Kwaku Nkrabea but indicated that they would only be enrolled after they shave their dreadlocks in accordance with the School’s academic regulations.

Ras Tetteh Wayo has indicated that the declaration by the Accra High Court gives them the green light to resume school with immediate effect devoid of any opposition that may come from the school.

“The point here is this, the court has declared solely that your denial of Mr A or Mr B enrolling in school is in violation of his right to education. The moment the court said that it means that stop. It means do not deny him again. So tomorrow the children should go to school because now Achimota has been asked to stop violating the right to education,” he told Evans Mensah.

One of the students Tyrone Marhguy, even though thrilled with the court ruling, said he fears being discriminated against when he starts schooling.

“I have assumed there could be a possibility of fear once I get to Achimota School because considering the damaged reputation and a whole lot of other undesired consequences as a result of actions on their part, I don’t think I’ll be a friendly face they’d want to see considering the things they’ve been through so I am anticipating something of that sort.”

In the same vein, parents of Tyrone and Oheneba are both sceptical of sending their wards back to Achimota School amist the impasses.

However, the Lawyer of the students is of the view that the children have earned the legitimate right to enroll in the school, adding that the school’s authorities cannot turn them away due to the declaration by the High Court.

“If the person comes to access that right and you are someone who respects the court, respects the rule of law and you have heard about it, Achimota School cannot seek to say they are not aware of this declaration. Their lawyers were there.   

“My advice is that they have to take their kids to the school. The simple reason is that if the students go to school today and tomorrow they don’t want to go to the school anymore, they can pack their bags and leave. But they should go to the school as the court has declared.”