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U’re a dictator. …NDC Youth to Akufu Addo

The peaceful march that is seen to be align with the opposition party NDC, has taken place in the early hours of Tuesday morning in Accra.

Former ministers of state, plus other party leadership of  NDC, joined its youth leadership to march on the streets of Accra to express their disappointment over what they discribe as militant era under the leadership of President Akufu Addo.

Placards bearing different messages described the way and manner the Akufu Addo government is running the affairs of the country.

Some of the messages read, ‘ Tyrant Akufu Addo, Fix the nation, A dictator leader Akufu Addo, etc ‘.

They called on President Akufu Addo to fix the broken security trust and civilian brutalities by government militants who hide behind military uniforms to unleash venoms to innocent civilians for no reasons.

There were heavy security protection and about 70% of the Protestants observed Covid-19 protocols.

Source: Ashantibiz