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Primitive madness in modern Ghana

What would have been described as stupidity in the colonial days is obviously gaining prominence in modern Ghana.

Attitudes of some Ghanaian leaders and some citizens make one wonder if the national anthem and the national pledge are worth reciting everyday.

While Ghanaians are demanding much from the government of the day, some unpatriotic individuals are also making the country a jungle territory without laws.

It is very hard to believe as true that, a normal person with no mental challenges would issue a building permit for a building project to take place in the middle of rail lines.

Under no circumstances should this be allowed.

Almost all the railway lines within the Kumasi metropolis have been encroached and city authorities see no wrong about that.

At the time the government is canvassing for funds to revamp the railway industry, some squatters are also busily building on the rail lines.

Source: Ashantibiz