South Sudan ex-rebels take seats in parliament

South Sudan ex-rebels take seats in parliament

A new session of parliament has just begun in South Sudan which for the first time since the civil war comprises members of the governing party as well as former rebels.

The creation of an all-inclusive national assembly was a key part of the 2018 peace deal that ended five years of war in which nearly 400,000 people died.

The National Assembly now has 588 MPs from the governing party and rebel factions that signed the peace deal.

Moderating the debate is the country’s first female speaker, Jemma Nunu Kumba.

But the pace of progress has been slow since the 2018 ceasefire that ended the war.

There’s still no unified army which is dangerous. And there have been calls for protests with some saying the political leaders have failed and must be replaced.

The hope is these MPs help put South Sudan on a more stable path and focus on the country’s development rather than their own wealth.


Source: BBC


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