Upper West Floods: 86-year-old widow rendered homeless
Madam Yendorma Domayiri

Upper West Floods: 86-year-old widow rendered homeless

The downpour that caused havoc to road network and farmlands in the Upper West Region three weeks ago had rendered an 86- year-old woman in Nadowli homeless.

Madam Yendorma Domayiri, a widow at Vogonni in the Goriyiri Electoral Area in the Nadowli-Kaleo District, told the media that the only mud house that sheltered her was destroyed by the floods, forcing her to sleep on a veranda.

“I don’t have any place to sleep again. This is where I was staying but look at it now. I am really suffering,” she said.

“I need help from wherever it will come from. I pray God will touch somebody’s heart for the person to come and help me,” Madam Domayiri said.

She said she lost her husband in 2006 and was without a child, but had since lived in that structure, which was put up by her husband.

“The small rice farm I cultivated has been washed away by the floods. I don’t have maize; I don’t have any food. All my things are destroyed, I am finished,” Madam Domayiri said.

She, therefore, appealed to benevolent individuals and organisations to go to her aid by providing her with shelter and food.

Meanwhile Mr Nestor Mwinterebo, the Assemblyman of the area, told the media that the community had appealed to the Head Teacher of the Vogonni KG School for Madam Domayiri to be temporarily accommodated in one of the classrooms as the school was on vacation.

“There are vulnerable people in society but some are more vulnerable than others. This woman was married for 30 years but was not blessed with a child. The structure the husband built is the one that has collapsed,” he said.

“Now she sleeps on the veranda. You can imagine when it is raining. The community members are ready to form communal labour to build a room for her if they get the building materials.”

Mr Mwinterebo said the help must be timely to bring some relief to Madam Domayiri.

He said the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) sent some relief items to the community but was woefully inadequate.

It could be recalled that on Thursday, August 12, 2021, an overnight downpour in some parts of the region left some homes flooded, farmlands submerged, and major roads cut off.

Source: Ashantibiz

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